Over the past 15 years, LDTC has trained countless language experts and linguistic mentors in the basics of language documentation. Here are some of their experiences and memories with us.


Frances - Language expert: Akeanon

“Thank you so much, LDTC! The people were so easy to work with and the free food was great! The project gives you sense of ownership and fulfilment that you made a contribution to your native language. I hope we can collaborate for a project. I want to spearhead a similar project for Panay Island in the near future. Your guidance will be appreciated. Keep the passion burning. We need people like you.”

Jess - Linguistic mentor

“LDTC affirmed for me that coming to UH for this linguistics program was the right choice. I liked the sense of community (eating together) and the organization/planning behind each workshop. My goal for Advanced LDTC is to get as much practice as possible working with language experts, for both practical/professional reasons, and personal ones. It was really fun!”



Language Expert

“LDTC has allowed me to explore my roots and foster a deeper sense of appreciation for my language. I'm grateful for the program for providing me resources to document my language for future generations as well to those who desire to learn it. Through LDTC, I have not only learned a lot about my culture but others as well from wonderful people who are now my friends.”


Lingustic Mentor

“I learned that language documentation from scratch is hard, and working on a language you know nothing about can be fun even though it’s challenging. I loved getting introduced to new softwares and technology. Documentation is what I want to do - I definitely recommend LDTC workshops.”


Vamsi - language expert: telugu

“Language is very beautiful. I think LDTC is well organized, the leadership was the best, and I learned things easily. The workshops were very interesting and helpful for our languages. I enjoyed learning about morphology.”