2018 Edit-a-thons

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Edit-a-thon #1

Here's the feedback from our first edit-a-thon of 2018:
This edit-a-thon was organized by A.L. Blake. Dannii Yarbrough was the main instructor.

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edit-a-thon #2

This edit-a-thon was organized and run by A.L. Blake.

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edit-a-thon #3

This edit-a-thon was organized by A.L. Blake and Jenny Sou. Dannii Yarbrough and Ashleigh Smith were the main instructors.

Participant feedback:

Did you learn anything new about editing wiki articles? If so, what specifically?

  • Lack of info on a huge number of languages

  • Moving pages, citing sources

  • Using the cite feature instead of hard-coding my reference

  • Yes, how to add 2 authors, add a map, and look for requested pages to translate.

  • no

  • I learned how to create tables in Wikipedia, and I also learned more about the different features Wikipedia has for editors, like Sandbox.

  • No.

  • Hadn't seriously edited in a while, and relearned the referencing system, as well as learned how to use the interlinear template.

  • How to do it

  • i just followed the instructions on the site, it was pretty intuitive

  • visual editor automatic citation is pretty useful when it detects correctly

  • I learned the formatting for tables is not user friendly.

  • This was my first editathon so I got the chance to learn how to edit and site sources on pages

Articles created, improved, or translated in this editathon:
Blaan language
Miyako language
Petats language
Hawaiian phonology
Innere Stadt
Hawaiian language
Template:Honolulu County, Hawaii
Waialae, Hawaii
Bert Vaux
Pitkern language
Torres Strait Creole
Ngatikese Creole
Epi (island)
Larevat language
Dene Tha' First Nation
Nyâlayu language
Menominee language
Yapese language
Norfuk language
Jayant Gadit
Priyakant Maniar
Woisika language
Lihir language
Portal:Viruses/Selected article/1


All of the above posters were created by Jenny Sou.

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